Friday, 25 December 2015

Romwe review and outfit part 2: Rattling on about Peter Pan and billowy night-shirts!

First and foremost, I'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas! For those of you who happened to have read my first part of a Romwe review, you'll know that the grand majority of my items that I'd taken the risk with and bought were moderately successful. Today's item that I'd like review I have mixed thoughts about, to be fair, it's the most adorable peter pan collared blouse I have ever laid my eyes on until now. The blouse has a Victorian children's  night-shirt vibe to it, especially when paired with the cape, don't you think? It reminds me of the 2003 fantasy film Perter Pan where the children were whisked away to Neverland in billowy night-shirts similar to mine, which is very fitting since in less month I myself will be whisked away back  home, to the overwhelmingly green suburbs of Manchester. I'm going to return from that blissful thought, back to the featuring blouse of today's post, in honest truth the blouse did remain faithful to the image online (as you know one has to be  little cautious with the site, Romwe) the only issue I have with it is the blouse is in the style of a  cropped empire-waist (basically like a cropped Victorian nightshirt) which I personally struggled to style with my usual A-line skirts. In order to counterbalance the ballooning effect of the blouse I decided to style it with a denim pencil skirt for once, which I'm still a little indecisive about since I'm not accustomed to wearing pencil skirts very often....what do you guys think?

Outfit Details: Blouse, old denim pencil skirt, H&M cape (sold out), vintage scarf and Koton bag 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas blues..

Even though there's less than a month left until my return to Manchester, I'm still a little crestfallen by the fact that the festive vibe radiating from every street corner will have vanished into thin air by the time of my arrival; our overly enthusiatic neighbours who go all out and deck their houses with so many fairy lights the house itself is no longer visible, the echoing of carols as you trudge your way home in the cold, the German markets in Piccadilly square with its trademark sweet cinnamon scent wafting through the air beckoning me over, and the general abundance of the colours red and green and shimmering tinsel just brings so much joy to my little heart regardless of whether I celebrate it or not. Hence why I get excited at the slightest wintery-christmassy themed display I come across in Turkey. Today's outfit post was spurred by my inability to resist taking a picture or two with the premature new years decorations that have started to accumulate in my local mall..

Outfit details: vintage square scarf, white ruffled blouse, shimmery gold cardigan and Romwe skirt

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Romwe review and outfit: Part 1

Yes, I must confess, I finally jumped on the Romwe-bandwagon that has either been raved about or cursed to the pits of hades by several Bloggers and YouTubers. For those who are a little confused as to what on earth I'm rambling on about, Romwe is an women's clothing website that sells very affordable clothes, and when I say affordable, I mean as cheap as chips. It is definitely one of those stores that you either love or you absolutely loathe. Since there were plenty of miscellaneous reviews concerning Romwe, I hoped that the odds were in my favour, braced myself to expect the unexpected and bought some items that struck out to me to be the most distinctive and eye catching. Personally I found Romwe a case of a hit and miss, I was delighted with a couple of my purchases, which I have mentioned today, yet dismayed by a few others. The product I'm most impressed with is a crimson midi skirt with a jacquard texture, which I found to live up to my expectations since it turned out to be faithful to image online. The material is very thick and the stitching isn't likely to unravel any time soon based on face value. The second purchase was love at first sight, a plaid shirt that looks like one of my brother's shirts that I might have shrunk to my size in the wash, yet whether it was what I’d anticipated is questionable since it seems to be identical in appearance yet the feel of it can be a little irritating on the skin, but certainly a sensation one can get used to. In today’s post I wanted to share the aforementioned two successful purchases that I formed an outfit combination with…

Outfit details: Romwe skirt, Romwe plaid blouse, old blazer and vintage bag

Friday, 4 December 2015

Sorry, I'm not sorry

Usually I try my best not to reflect any of my personal woes or fears on my blog. However I think, as many of you know the recent series of events including Paris, Lebanon and now the question as to whether Syria ought to be attacked have occupied my mind entirely over the past few weeks, so much in fact, it’s deterred me from posting blog posts because I feel so insensitive and shallow posting outfits and rambling on about themes that don’t actually matter. What discouraged me the most and left me in a state of dilemma is whether mentioning such issues is appropriate or continuing to post as though oblivious to all that is taking place. Of course, I can only pray for the victims of the Paris attacks, the innocent Yazidis who have committed no crime but to be members of a race, and all the Syrians who have had to flee their own country and seek refuge elsewhere because their home is no longer safe to reside in. What gives me the greatest pleasure and comfort is being able to return to my own home after a tiring day and kick my feet up whilst reaching for my novel. However there are so many little modern day Anne Franks who are persecuted and driven from their homes. When I look out of apartment window, I see those little Anne Franks, selling Kleenex’s on the street to support their families, I see those little Anne Frank’s attending a school taught in a language they don’t understand in a country that is unfamiliar, but most of all my heart goes out for the little Anne Franks who haven’t been able to escape the atrocities of war.  
I wanted to get that off my chest before I could resume what I like to share the most on this blog, outfit inspirations…

Today’s outfit inspiration is... you guessed it.. Anne Frank, the heroine of my childhood, and frankly still is. 

Outfit Details: white collared blouse, grey pinafore, blazer and burgundy tights 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Thrifting is Amazeballs: Thrift Guide and exemplar outfit

Yes, I'm such a charity shop-enthusiast that I'm devoting an entire post on the matter! Thrifting in my humble opinion is a godsend, especially if you're a penniless student or are a Vintagonista in search of something not so available in a high-street store, it's an adventure which almost always concludes in something rewarding. Rummaging through pieces in the hope of finding something singular can be very exhilarating, or maybe I just have no hobbies. Anyhow, despite you probably having heard these a million times before,  I thought, why not share some of my personal strategies that I've accumulated over the countless thrifting experiences I've attained over the years.

1. Store scoping
Even thrifting involves organizational skills at times; it's always worth mapping out the stores within close proximity of your abode and their corresponding 'turnover days'. In addition, if you're hardcore on thrifting vintage you may want to consider researching and reading reviews on certain thrift shops and their general contents in order to specify which thrift shop caters to your needs.

2. Consistency
The key to attaining many things in life is consistency, and thrifting is definitely one of them. Obviously items in thrift shops are one of a kind and are constantly being sold or replaced, unlike in a standard shop the gold isn't there for long or may simply not coincide with the your visit, whenever I'm in Manchester and feel like a casual walk around, I make it my priority to just nip in and skim the contents of the thrift shops close to me.

3. Size doesn't always matter
A point to be made about thrift shops is that a lot of the brands that eventually find themselves there are generally obscure, and so are their sizes! There's no harm in just comparing yourself with the sizes above yours, you never know the 'size 10' may actually overlap with a standard size 8.

4. A missing button won't bite
Admittedly I'm a sloth when it comes to repairing anything, and frequently opt for makeshift solutions, so I'm likely not to venture out on a project with a thrift find. However if it's for the sake of a missing button or a blemish which can be removed with a thorough wash, is it worth leaving behind an absolute gem?

Outfit details: All items are from persistent thrifting over the years :)

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Braided Turban Tutorial!

Recently I received a few requests from some readers as to how I tie my turban-headscarf. Unlike what it looks like, it’s actually very straightforward and can be condensed into 6 easy peasy steps. Of course turbans don't necessarily have to be used strictly for modesty, on the contrary, they're really multi-purpose, for instance, with a vibrant scarf, it's an excellent way to add some colour to a monotonous outfit without overdoing it. Due to my religious requirements I can't actually exhibit a hair style featuring this turban however what I can say is that it looks pretty wonderful with loose hair, especially for shorter lengths. As I mentioned, turbans are very versatile to the extent they can be used in so many different contexts, whether it be that you’re just having one of those bad hair days, or want to include some 20's sophistication to your outfit, or like me if you simply need to cover your hair in a convenient yet stylish way, then read on.....

Son zamanlarda , benim türban - başörtüsü tarzımın yapılışına dair birkaç istek aldım. Göründüğünün aksine , aslında çok basit olan bu stili 6 basit adımla oluşturabilirsiniz . Tabi ki türban sadece başörtü olarak kullanılmak zorunda değildir tam tersine, çok amaçlıdır. Örneğin, canlı bir ​​türban rengiyle, aşırıya kaçmadan sıradan bir kıyafete biraz renk katmak mükemmel bir yöntemdir ya da saçınızın kötü olduğu bir gün yaşıyorsanız, veya kıyafetinize 1920'ler zarafetini katmak istediğinizde, veya benim gibi başınızı örtme niyetiyle farklı ve şık bir şekilde bağlamak istiyorsanız , okumaya devam edin ....

Final result.

Step 1 (optional)

This step is only for those who wish to add some volume beneath their turban, obviously if you're leaving your hair loose to protrude out of your turban, then go ahead and skip this step!

Bu adım sadece kendi türbanın altına biraz hacim katmak isteyenler için! Türbanını bir saç modeli halinde kullanmak isteyenler sonraki adıma atlayabilir..

Step 2: 

Fold your square scarf in half, and adjust the fold according to how much hair or volume you wish to accommodate. Place the scarf on your head and grab the two end tails, it is crucial you make sure the middle triangle is beneath the two tails!

Kare eşarbı yarıya katlayın ya da saça veya saçınıza kattığınız hacme göre katlamayı ayarlayın. Başınızın üzerine eşarbı yerleştirin ve orta üçgenin iki uç kuyrukların altında olduğundan emin olun. Ve o iki uç kuyrukları tutun..

Step 3: 

My apologies for the awkwardness of the picture.. Tie a knot at the top of head using the two aforementioned tails, once again whilst doing so ensure that the middle triangular end is left beneath them!

Orta üçgenin alt kısımda bırakıldığından emin olduğunuzda iki uç kuyruklarla başınızın üst kısmına bir düğüm atın!

 Step 4:

Start braiding! This is of course only one of the options, it also works if you twist the ends, but I personally prefer the texture that the braid provides to my turban.

 Örmeye başlayabilirsiniz!

Step 5:

This step is pretty simple, just secure your braid with a knot!

Bu adım oldukça basit, sadece bir düğüm ile örgünüzü sabitleyin !

Step 6

Tuck the knot into the side fold and pin it into place!

Yan katın içine düğümlü örgünüzü sıkıştırın!

And Voila! There you have it.

Of course i couldn't resist an outfit photo....

Outfit details: Navy turtle-neck jumper, camel midi skirt and my ol' reliable turban!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The lone wolf of Istanbul

I've never been much of a matchy-matchy girl, even when I was younger and my 'outfits' never followed a strict colour scheme, though what I considered back then to be creative and original, I wince at the thought now. Despite my evolution in style, I haven't lost that  aspect to which I enjoy combining different colours to create diverse yet complementary colour schemes. Living in Turkey, where I get the vibe that uniformity and conformity is the general preference, I learnt to embrace these quirks, warts and all, however small they may be. I don't feel like a pariah, on the contrary, the fact that my style is only partial to me actually makes me feel one of a kind in a country where your sartorial choices, are restricted to the few 'in' shops on the high-street. To cut to the chase what I'm most inarticulately trying to convey is that, it was a long painful path to attain the content place I am now, and if I could I would give that bashful, awkward Sumeyye of the past a big hug and tell her not to feel embarrassed about who she is. We're all beautiful exactly as we stand, and if no one appreciates that, then let it just be you. 

Outfit details: old jumper (similar), plaid pencil skirt (similar), old stripy blouse, vintage headscarf and satchel.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

ShopRuche 2015 Lookbook:Chic City Dreams

Work life, for some, is a stage in one's life that approaches too soon. Along with it comes the burden of routine work attire, dressing in crisp tailored suits, which I personally am entirely indifferent to. Style is an important aspect to my life which I'm not willing to sacrifice. What I love about the ShopRuche Lookbook 2015 is that it provides a refreshing alternative to work-wear that integrates a sophisticated yet vintage inspired feel to your work wardrobe. One can still look the part without completely relinquishing ones sartorial preferences, whatever they may be….unless of course you host an admiration for the Lady Gaga’s meat dress outfit combination…in which case you might be pushing your luck!