Friday, 27 November 2015

Thrifting is Amazeballs: Thrift Guide and exemplar outfit

Yes, I'm such a charity shop-enthusiast that I'm devoting an entire post on the matter! Thrifting in my humble opinion is a godsend, especially if you're a penniless student or are a Vintagonista in search of something not so available in a high-street store, it's an adventure which almost always concludes in something rewarding. Rummaging through pieces in the hope of finding something singular can be very exhilarating, or maybe I just have no hobbies. Anyhow, despite you probably having heard these a million times before,  I thought, why not share some of my personal strategies that I've accumulated over the countless thrifting experiences I've attained over the years.

1. Store scoping
Even thrifting involves organizational skills at times; it's always worth mapping out the stores within close proximity of your abode and their corresponding 'turnover days'. In addition, if you're hardcore on thrifting vintage you may want to consider researching and reading reviews on certain thrift shops and their general contents in order to specify which thrift shop caters to your needs.

2. Consistency
The key to attaining many things in life is consistency, and thrifting is definitely one of them. Obviously items in thrift shops are one of a kind and are constantly being sold or replaced, unlike in a standard shop the gold isn't there for long or may simply not coincide with the your visit, whenever I'm in Manchester and feel like a casual walk around, I make it my priority to just nip in and skim the contents of the thrift shops close to me.

3. Size doesn't always matter
A point to be made about thrift shops is that a lot of the brands that eventually find themselves there are generally obscure, and so are their sizes! There's no harm in just comparing yourself with the sizes above yours, you never know the 'size 10' may actually overlap with a standard size 8.

4. A missing button won't bite
Admittedly I'm a sloth when it comes to repairing anything, and frequently opt for makeshift solutions, so I'm likely not to venture out on a project with a thrift find. However if it's for the sake of a missing button or a blemish which can be removed with a thorough wash, is it worth leaving behind an absolute gem?

Outfit details: All items are from persistent thrifting over the years :)

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