Friday, 4 December 2015

Sorry, I'm not sorry

Usually I try my best not to reflect any of my personal woes or fears on my blog. However I think, as many of you know the recent series of events including Paris, Lebanon and now the question as to whether Syria ought to be attacked have occupied my mind entirely over the past few weeks, so much in fact, it’s deterred me from posting blog posts because I feel so insensitive and shallow posting outfits and rambling on about themes that don’t actually matter. What discouraged me the most and left me in a state of dilemma is whether mentioning such issues is appropriate or continuing to post as though oblivious to all that is taking place. Of course, I can only pray for the victims of the Paris attacks, the innocent Yazidis who have committed no crime but to be members of a race, and all the Syrians who have had to flee their own country and seek refuge elsewhere because their home is no longer safe to reside in. What gives me the greatest pleasure and comfort is being able to return to my own home after a tiring day and kick my feet up whilst reaching for my novel. However there are so many little modern day Anne Franks who are persecuted and driven from their homes. When I look out of apartment window, I see those little Anne Franks, selling Kleenex’s on the street to support their families, I see those little Anne Frank’s attending a school taught in a language they don’t understand in a country that is unfamiliar, but most of all my heart goes out for the little Anne Franks who haven’t been able to escape the atrocities of war.  
I wanted to get that off my chest before I could resume what I like to share the most on this blog, outfit inspirations…

Today’s outfit inspiration is... you guessed it.. Anne Frank, the heroine of my childhood, and frankly still is. 

Outfit Details: white collared blouse, grey pinafore, blazer and burgundy tights 


  1. Beautiful outfit! And I have always admired Anne Frank too!

    1. Thanks! Then again who wouldn't admire her :)
      Sumeyye xx