Monday, 9 November 2015

The Fabulous World of Amélie Poulain

Recently a dear friend of mine was kind enough to gift me an Amélie themed notebook knowing how much I adore the movie, then again who couldn't share my love for Amélie. The music is uplifting, the cinematography is simply stunning, the pace and plot are both surreal and engaging with its delightful characters who each possess the most endearing quirks. Amélie’s world is fantastic in a singular way; as the film depicts a childlike naiveté in Amélie; her extensive imagination, her innocence and genuineness is so heart-warming, it makes even the poignant scenes of the film joyful to watch since it’s like were viewing from a child’s perspective. However themes, characters and the fabulousness of her world aside, admittedly one of the most appealing factors of the film is the saturated colour palette and outfits.

Outfit details: scarf (The Grand Bazaar), old cardigan (similar), blouse (similar) and skirt zara