Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Having been a die hard Harry Potter fan for as long as I can remember, it only felt right to honour the latest Harry Potter instalment, *drumrole* 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' by wearing a Newt Scamander-esque outfit. I know that some were crestfallen, however as sequels go I found Fantastic Beasts to be pretty good considering (controversial much). Although admittedly anything related to the wizarding world can do no wrong in my eyes. I initially intended to wait and watch the film in the form of a group, celebrating the end of our brutal Midterms (it took every ounce of self restraint I could possibly muster).. however after my final exam, I was strolling the streets of Kadikoy and was welcomed with posters in every direction I headed. It was a calling for sure, so there and then I caved and made an impromptu visit to the cinema... sorry not sorry.
I fell in love with the character of Newt Scamander, possibly a little too much. I loved becoming acquainted with his quirky, adorable character and his undying love for his fantastic beasts. I was overcome with emotion at the beautiful, heartwarming relationship of Jacob and  Queenie. ..what can I say, I'm a sucker for wizarding world romance. As if the film could not get any better, it is set in the opulence of the Gatsby era which would have had me sold if it weren't already for the fact that it was Harry Potter related. It was intriguing to get a glimpse into how the Ministry was run elsewhere, and this added another dimension to the wizarding world in my mind. I'm exhilarated at the prospect of getting some insight into Dumbledore's youth and what went down with Grindlewald in the next film.... 2018 will you come already!

Now over to my attire for this post; so whilst peering into my wardrobe I rediscovered my neglected navy oversized duster coat... and an outfit started to formulate itself in my mind. Feel free to call me sad.
Outfit-wise I wore my Peter Pan collar blouse underneath a thrifted  jumper all tucked into my navy Zara skirt.  I created Newt Scamander's trademark bow tie by simply tying a 1 pound velvet ribbon beneath my collar. The socks were the final touch, despite myself being a proud Ravenclaw I don't own any socks in allegiance with my house so I made do with my good ol' Gryffindor pair.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Gallivanting around Kadikoy!

Hello there, after having resided in Istanbul for over three years it was about time I ventured on an excursion around Kadikoy. Kadikoy is a rather small, eccentric town and is the home of all things Hipster. In Kadikoy you can find various hipster cafes with quirky concepts; particular favourites of mine are Academia, Mephisto and Cosmos! Sipping at a dainty glass of piping hot Turkish tea, savouring the soft acoustic vibes and playing an intense game of chess with your friends all whilst surrounded by books and quotes is indeed all very pretentious yet refreshingly different from the mainstream cafes in the city. Kadikoy is on the same wavelength of  Manchester's Northern Quarter in that you find yourself  walking along the graffiti covered streets with passers-by sporting different decades; grunge 90's, flower child 70's etc. Kadikoy maintains an antique-retro vibe with hoarders galore, charming local boutiques and shops selling eccentric furniture, popular merchandise, souvenirs and bohemian inspired clothing. A word of caution though for they are often outrageously overpriced but nonetheless pretty to behold. Kadikoy’s perimeters extend to the coast which seems to be the favourite haunt of couples taking romantic strolls and people who just want a peace of mind. Bearing in mind this is my first ever encounter of Kadikoy, I do hope to further explore this enchanting little town in the future...

I'm quite tired looking in today's outfit post because I genuinely was exhausted however didn't want to to let up on this opportunity for a blog post!

Outfit Details: Koton Skirt (old), Primark blouse and bag, my little sister's school cardigan and Clarks brogues 


Friday, 28 October 2016

A New Leaf!

Hi there, remember me? I’ve absent for quite some time as this summer was a roller coaster. However, I bear good news and tidings (by no means am I trying to brag, this is just me sharing things that have made me exceedingly happy recently) and I believe a catch up is long overdue, so here goes…

1. I've returned to Istanbul after a summer holiday that felt like infinity.
2. I've commenced a new university in a brand new location.
3. Despite all the psychological stress many Turkish students were subjected to this summer, we’ve all been assigned to universities where we can resume our degrees! Not only can I maintain my psychology degree but I was informed that there was nothing preventing me from resuming my double major too...so YAY!
4. My university is in the heart of Istanbul which has resulted in my life entering a whole new level of exciting since I have access to places I could only have dreamed of beforehand! Anyone who has spent any length of time in this vast city will appreciate the mutual wish we all share for owning a bat-mobile. Confused? You see, it’s no longer about whether there is traffic but whether there is traffic in Istanbul; requiring you think thrice before venturing on an excursion.
5. Being within a close proximity to the cultural hotspot of Istanbul means that *fingers crossed* I will have some brand new content for the blog. Having previously resided in the distant suburbs which one can barely refer to as Istanbul, I never found a moment to explore the city due to the aforementioned great distance, traffic and my limited personal time juggling 2 degrees. Now that most of my excuses have vanished into thin air.. I will attempt to take you guys along with me as I travel Istanbul.
6. I moved from a shared flat to renting the room of a lovely family!
7. Despite everyone having been scattered all over the country, I’ve also been blessed by some of my dearest friends being within arm’s reach.

Not everyone was as fortunate as I was, so I’m immensely grateful for the clean resolution which is my life right now. I wish all those that had to endure the same ordeal the very very best in their future endeavours.

What kind of shenanigans have you all been up to?! Do let me know!

Now over to today's outfit post, the setting is located at the local street art gallery, this particular exhibit called out to the Wes Anderson aficionado in me with all the saturated tones, the overwhelming presence of mustard, quirky eclectic clothing and the solemn expressions of the kids in the photographs.

Today's outfit all in all epitome of my thrifty ways! The denim culottes with frayed hems is from Topshop for a whooping fiver (patience pays off sometimes), the vintage alpaca cardigan was thrifted for a modest £3, my Accessorize rocket novelty bag was a startling £2.50 simply because it had a strap missing, my stripy long sleeve olive and cream t-shirt was 14tl (£3.50) from LCW and finally I completed the do with my mother's hand-me-down silk scarves!

Outfit Details: Thrifted alpacca cardigan, LCW striped t-shirt, Accessorize novelty bag, Topshop culottes,  vintage neck tie and scarf

 I'm most obliged to my friend Kubra, who generously dealt with my long list photography demands for this post. 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Over The Moon!

Hello there! The family Soydemir proudly presents: the weed infested back garden! The weather here in Manchester has been absolutely wonderful over the past week... it’s almost as if summer is expending its final few drops before autumn's arrival. Despite last week having meant to be my scheduled farewell to Manchester, it seems that fate must have chuckled at my plans to return to Istanbul since I’m still very much here. 

I feel as though today's outfit is reminiscent of a much younger Sumeyye, you see.. I was completely and utterly fascinated by space as a kiddo. I owned a dozen children’s space encyclopaedias, which were routinely my bedtime read and I completed a monthly pilgrimage of the space section of the Manchester museum until the age of 12. It wasn’t the usual fascination a child possesses where they daydream about becoming an astronaut without any necessary qualifications, discovering an identical planet to earth and being congratulated by the prime minister for saving mankind…no, mine was a fascination that at the core was fear, the fear of knowing that if the earth were to no longer exist, I would no longer be able to sustain myself. I made it my duty to take on board the abhorred tasks such as ‘litter picking monitor’, ‘Eco monitor’ and so on during my primary school years. Of course this zeal to be Eco-friendly was established on my irrational fear of the universe. Not very much has changed in the space department.. since I'm still compelled to pick up anything space related!

Outfit Details: Grey wool pleated skirt, Primark tshirt, Zara denim jacket, Accessorize rocket bag and Clarks brogues

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

So long, farewell Manchester!

Yet another summer is swiftly coming to an end, with it brings the bidding of my farewells one by one to friends, family and of course, Manchester.  I'm most obliged to my friend Busra for trailing along after me and lending me a helping hand whilst I gallivanted around the streets of Piccadilly for one final time. Since Busra had never before seen the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), I took it upon myself, as a museum aficionado, to accompany her...purely for her benefit of course :P (totes wasn't dying to go) in order to pay homage to Manchester, which would not have been complete without an obligatory pilgrimage of the MOSI. Behind the very Instagrammable scenes, we ate our Tesco value lunches, heartily gulped down coke and leaped into bone crunching hugs in the moment of ecstasy that followed the capturing of the perfect photograph after several failed attempts.
 I experienced a truly unforgettable summer along with both it's ups and downs, and I'll be sorry to leave it behind me. If there's one thing however that I will be looking forward to, it is embracing my long lost clothes after having lived out of a suitcase-capsule wardrobe for what feels like an eternity.

 First modern computer was invented in Manchester!

 Central Library

Outfit details: Archive by Alexa pleated skirt, Primark blouse, Primark cardigan, Clarks shoes and Mango bag