Friday, 25 March 2016

DIY: Urban Outfitters Inspired Hanging Vintage Poster!

For a while now I've intended to begin a DIY series on my blog, and what better to launch it with than an urban outfitters inspired vintage hanging school poster! I've had my eye on the version sold by urban outfitters for quite some time, however like many of the items in the shop, they're simply too expensive and I mostly resort to window shopping the majority of the things I'm enamoured with. Whilst I was in Manchester for my winter vacation from Uni I visited my favourite haunt, Waterstones book store, for those of you who don't live in England yet intend to visit I highly recommend popping in there for the infinite shelves of books especially the novelty editions, the coffee aroma from the upstairs coffee shop wafting around the store whilst you browse, and finally the novelty stationery section. The stationery section usually has a wall of unique Cavallini wrapping paper in the form of vintage posters, the material is quite thick unlike the wrapping paper I'm accustomed to so it's perfect for other uses besides wrapping. Each costing around the £2.50 mark I picked up a celestial map and a world map which are identical to those in urban outfitters. Once I brought them to my new flat in Istanbul, they remained in the corner of my room for ages because of my tendency to procrastinate with such projects. A couple of days ago I picked up the necessary materials to create a hanging poster and commenced to create a couple of DIY's to give my room a more eclectic/bohemian/ vintage vibe.

In order to create such a hanging poster you will need:
 A poster of your choice
2 wooden canes
PVA hobby glue
jute string
Knife or saw

1) Firstly have all your materials at the ready, then proceed to spreading the poster on a flat surface; if it was previously rolled, counter-roll it in order to even out the curled edges and secure to the flat surface with heavy objects in order to weigh down the poster.

2) Position each cane along the bottom and top of the poster, ensure you leave a centimetre overhang. Once you have marked how much of the cane you need, remove the excess with a saw or sharp knife (for younger readers, this part requires parental supervision or aid).

3) Slide a trail of glue along the desired area on which you want to secure the wooden cane. Make sure the glue trail is in a straight line and close to the end of the poster so as you don't cover any of the poster's details.

4) Position the cane on top of the glue trail and press it down to ensure maximum adherence. Thereafter place a couple of books or objects to anchor the canes to the poster until the glue sets.

5) Lastly tie a length of jute sting of your choice to each overhang of the cane at the top of the poster and secure with a double knot, once you're happy with the length, cut off any excess string.

And there you have it, your very own vintage school poster
I chose to hang mine above my desk..

And above my bed..


  1. So very pretty! They turned out great!

    1. Thank you Megan, they just instantly add a bohemian-esque vibe to any room! So glad you think so, since I have a couple more DIY projects up my sleeve!