Sunday, 22 May 2016

Home Inspo

It feels only like yesterday when I had to announce my short hiatus from blogging, however with finals around the corner (when I say around the corner, I mean literally tomorrow) I have little choice but to resume exam hibernation mode. Not wanting to be entirely detached from my blog throughout the next couple of weeks, I thought I'd share my passion for interiors. I've dedicated this blog post to a couple of my recent Pinterest finds, that I found to reflect how I envision my dream home. If you're interested in seeing more where this came from, feel free to browse my Pinterest boards.. Vintagonista Pinterest 

ample bookshelves, comfortable chair near a window and wall of framed maps make a great reading corner in living room of 'A Farmhouse-Style Home in Brooklyn':

succulents also are a great way to liven up a sunny window sill.... that is if I had a window in my kitchen:

Buying Purging Bad Shopping Habits:

From the latest issue of Llamas' Valley - desire to inspire -

vintage gramophone:

Rustic, woodsy-inspired decor for your study space:

Love this picture from the UO insta Interiors, bedroom, bedding, record player:

Detalles únicos - AD España, © Belén Imaz:

Stylish Spaces: Take Courage:

Book shelf under the window:

Monday, 2 May 2016

Bold Print Dilemma!

Recently I've been trying to incorporate more dresses into my midi skirt dominated wardrobe. Whenever I enter a shop I have an inclination towards separates such as skirts, culottes and blouses that I can mix and match as I please, similar to Cher’s virtual wardrobe in Clueless. Whilst considering an item of clothing, all the various combinations flash before my eyes, which will provide me with the final surge of motivation I need to pick it up and march towards the counter. Once in a blue moon when I do purchase a dress it tends to be a pinafore with a solid, consistent colour which I find easier to layer with a variety of colours, patterns, and textures; in short I prefer an item of clothing to be flexible. Hence why I rarely buy a dress with a bold print because I feel as though I must eliminate the possibility of several outfit combinations. 

This dress is the embodiment of all that I have described above, it was my last year’s Eid ul Hajj dress (a celebration marking the end of the 30 day fast).The midi dress is long sleeved with a 60’s yellow, green and pale peach floral print. Since the dress was such a bold statement piece, I decided to layer it with something on the minimal spectrum i.e. my trusty pastel blue blazer to compensate for the burst of colour which is my dress and to complete it, I have a white Peter Pan collar blouse poking out from underneath which I feel adds some character to the outfit. Finally, in order to give the slouchy fit of the dress an A-line property, I synched in the waist with a black belt.

Do you guys have any suggestions on how to wear this dress?

Outfit details: Zara dress (old), H&M blazer (old), thrifted blouse and belt, vintage cross body bag and scarf.