Monday, 6 June 2016

Ramadan's Arrival and a Denim Jacket Conundrum

Hello everybody! The semester is officially over with and I’m on my way back to Manchester for the summer holidays. Today is the first day of Ramadan, for those of you who might not know what on earth I’m talking about; Ramadan in short is the month in which Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset, yes that includes no fluids and no food in my belly. It’s a period in which we learn to be grateful for all that we have and to place ourselves in the shoes of those that are less fortunate than ourselves, it is also a time in which we take a step back from our day to day indulgences and reflect on ourselves, our faith and spiritual development. The ritual of breaking our fast at sunset surrounded by friends and family also restores family and community cohesion. At the end of the thirty days of fasting we celebrate by meeting fellow Muslims in order to congratulate everyone on the past month they've endured and exchange gifts.
Ramadan for many breezes and air of nostalgia and culture, in Turkey each fast is broken with traditional Turkish food and we often want to share the occasion with others so our homes are often buzzing with guests. Since my family lives thousands of miles from this warm and inviting atmosphere, we try to embrace the Turkish cuisine and culture as much as we can by cooking meals that remind us of Turkey. As a child this was precisely the reason why Ramadan was so special in my eyes, it was so distinctive, an unregretful hiatus from fish fingers and chips replaced with an assortment of food that my parents were only motivated to labour for during this month. Now that I’m older, obviously, my only duty doesn't simply consist of just dolloping spoonful’s of russalat and sarma on my plate... the roles have reversed and I’m often the one toiling away... to cut to the chase I wanted to incorporate my ventures in cooking Mediterranean dishes in the form of a Ramadan food series  on this blog. Feel free to let me know if you totally dig it or think it’s a terrible idea!

Now on a completely unrelated note, the outfit in today's blogpost derives purely from an impulsive urge to be spendy for once! With exams being over and the summer heat intensifying, I felt an itch that only welcoming new clothes into my wardrobe could scratch. For months now I’ve searched high and low for a denim jacket that fits me like a glove, which turned out to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. Having a very scrawny upper half meant that all the denim jackets just appeared oversized… and not in the effortless yet appealing way.. that was until my local Zara brought this babe into store! Initially I was quite unconvinced and indecisive since I’m not accustomed to this particular colour of denim. The jacket is a saturated blue and although I bought it as a last resort, I have become more and more fond of it, especially since the colour complements almost everything in my wardrobe so don’t be surprised if my next couple of outfit post involve me singing praises about it!  The skirt on the other hand was not on my agenda... it conveniently happened to be there in the right place at the right time. It’s a white linen skirt with embroidered stripes running across it, the simplicity of the skirt’s style makes it quite versatile in that it can be worn with an array of colours which as you guys know is one of my main criteria whenever I purchase a new item.  Finally I paired the combo with my trusty mustard bag in order to add a pop of colour to an otherwise uniform outfit.   

Outfit details: Zara skirtZara denim jacket, thrifted eyelet blouse and Clarks brogues