Friday, 5 August 2016

Photo Diary 1: Northern Quarter Gallivanting!

Despite considering myself a Mancunian, having lived in Manchester for over 15 years, I am ashamed to admit that I had never set foot in the Northern Quarter until this summer. What's more?.. I didn't even know what constituted the Northern Quarter, and let me tell you something.. I had been missing out on an awful lot! Entering the Northern Quarter is like entering an entirely parallel world to the street behind. The immediate change is tangible, with it's vibrant, graffitied walls.. vintage, boho shops.. the fun, artsy cafe's and the quirky passersby dressed in attire from all decades roaming the streets. In fact it was almost as if I'd gone through a time warp! I felt so entirely at home amongst the endless rails of funky prints, sipping apple tea and munching at some gluten free cake in a quaint cafe, circling the aisles in Fred-Aldous and wandering the seemingly endless alleyways that I simply could not pass up on the opportunity to share my love for the Northern Quarter with you guys! 

My designated hostage-photographer: Busra 

Outfit Details: Thrifted blazer and blouse, Koton skirt (ancient), trusty Clarks brogues and Mango bag (sale)


  1. Ahh wow. I don't know why but I've always thought of Manchester as rather dreary (sorry :P ), but these photos make it look like such a nice place. Very modern and hip in a cool way (not an obnoxious way, as it easily can become).
    You and your photographer are both very beautiful! And your outfit is awesome, I love the pop of colour with the coat!
    Great job on your first photo diary - I love it!
    Much love,

    1. I dont blame you, it can be awfully tedious and dreary unless you know all the places to go! Thank you my darling, we had so much fun shooting it! You are far too kind Mona!


  2. Looks like a fun area! I love that jacket!