Monday, 19 September 2016

Over The Moon!

Hello there! The family Soydemir proudly presents: the weed infested back garden! The weather here in Manchester has been absolutely wonderful over the past week... it’s almost as if summer is expending its final few drops before autumn's arrival. Despite last week having meant to be my scheduled farewell to Manchester, it seems that fate must have chuckled at my plans to return to Istanbul since I’m still very much here. 

I feel as though today's outfit is reminiscent of a much younger Sumeyye, you see.. I was completely and utterly fascinated by space as a kiddo. I owned a dozen children’s space encyclopaedias, which were routinely my bedtime read and I completed a monthly pilgrimage of the space section of the Manchester museum until the age of 12. It wasn’t the usual fascination a child possesses where they daydream about becoming an astronaut without any necessary qualifications, discovering an identical planet to earth and being congratulated by the prime minister for saving mankind…no, mine was a fascination that at the core was fear, the fear of knowing that if the earth were to no longer exist, I would no longer be able to sustain myself. I made it my duty to take on board the abhorred tasks such as ‘litter picking monitor’, ‘Eco monitor’ and so on during my primary school years. Of course this zeal to be Eco-friendly was established on my irrational fear of the universe. Not very much has changed in the space department.. since I'm still compelled to pick up anything space related!

Outfit Details: Grey wool pleated skirt, Primark tshirt, Zara denim jacket, Accessorize rocket bag and Clarks brogues