Sunday, 7 February 2016

My top favourite Blog reads!.. With drawings!

Alex from Larkspur Vintage is a blogger that I've loved to read  over the years and very much admire. She was one of the bloggers who really instigated my confidence in this blog, and I couldn't be more grateful. Her blog features outfits with the perfect blend of vintage pieces alongside modern high-street fashion. The aspect that I relish most about her style, is that there is not a constant incorporation of new pieces, rather she settles to integrate newly acquired items with ones that her viewers are familiar with, which speaks to the creative and thrifty side to me. Not only is her ability to dress stylishly commendable but she's also very real, in the sense that when you read her entries, it's almost as if you're genuinely listening to her, I really appreciate how she confides all of her life's important experiences with her readers whether they be joyous or saddening, which I frankly find genuine and heartwarming. 

We share a love for the colours red and blue, so that's a good start, Noelle's style reflects her youthful, fun and colourful personality.  Her style includes a vast amounts of peterpan collars, little pinafores, fedoras and mini skirt, always  paired with the most precious bag, speaking of which I often marvel at her bag collection which comes in the form of anything besides the ordinary, from London buses to Christmas trees.

I recently discovered Klara from a Robot Heart, and I could sit here and ramble on about her style, which is of course lovely and elegant however what drew me to mention her blog the most was her devotion to ethical style which is so sincere and touching, I highly advise those of you that don't know her already to give her perspective to style a quick read!

I fortunately stumbled across Mona from Curls & Cakes whilst browsing the Modcloth style gallery, and was drawn to her simple yet adorable style, which seems to be her trademark. I really like how she keeps her outfit simple and tasteful without overwhelming it with various colours and accessories, so that the piece she's featuring is always the focal point, not to mention her raven curls which let's admit we all want. It doesn't just cease with her style, her blog features mouth-warteringly yummy recipes which are all on my bucket list!

                             A Clothes Horse

Last but not least, Rebecca from A Clothes Horse, who played a significant role in the development of my style and the reassurance that there were others out there who have a soft spot for quirky and colourful vintage outfits. It was through her blog that I was introduced to the world of vintage bloggers, Rebecca is not only an inspiration with her beautifully coordinated outfits, but her frequent travels and her picturesque photography are an absolute delight to look at. Not to mention the fact she's married to an Irish man and resides in Ireland, brings out the Irish in me (i'm half Irish, just to clarify).