Sunday, 20 March 2016

Matryoshka Prints and Wardrobe Hacks

I remember purchasing this Matryoshka doll print top (or tucked in dress rather) during my first month of starting university, it was love at first sight, as I seem to possess no self-restraint when it comes down to quirky and fun prints, I bought it without evaluating the extent of its utility. As one does with most articles of clothing that one wears a little too frequently, I grew tired of it, the once vibrant and breath-taking top became much too mundane to be considered as my choice of clothing when I peered into my wardrobe. Thus I resorted to something I habitually do when my sartorial collection no longer inspires or enthrals me, I simply pack them away, out of sight out of mind, for a period of time that I think is necessary in order for me to either forget its existence or to feel its absence. Last week when I decided to unveil my long forgotten suitcase of stored clothes, I was able to appreciate each item as if it were a rediscovery with the same ardour and excitement I felt when I had initially bought it. I find this to be a wonderful way to once again become enamoured with an absolute gem that you simply don't favour any more, purely because your eyes have become used to seeing it every day. In the past, as many do, I would impulsively discard of my clothes or give them away, a decision I almost always regretted later on. Of course that doesn't mean that you have to hoard everything you've ever owned, if there's a ghastly looking top that you will never ever wear in a million years, then yes, chucking it in to the good-will pile is a must.
A second wardrobe hack that I love raving about to anyone who will listen, is that to buy the dress version of a top rather than the top itself. That way you instantly broaden the spectrum of what you can style-wise achieve with the item, essentially you’re getting your money's worth that way. You can tuck it in and wear it as an adorable top, the longer length of the dress being tucked in, I find, remains anchored down so you don't have to constantly tuck everything back into place as you would with a shorter blouse. Once tucked, always tucked. Since it is a dress, you have more than the possibility of sporting it as a top, it can be worn minus the additional bottom layer, paired with a funky pair of shoes and bag and voila you have yourself a second style option. Last but not least, if the dress itself is quite short it can be pulled off in the form of a tunic, paired with ankle grazing skinny jeans or shorts.

I myself decided to pair it with my current favourite red Romwe skirt and my greyish-blue, reliable blazer.