Sunday, 17 April 2016

Back from Exam Hibernation with a brand new outfit!

Hey there guys, the long lost Sumeyye has returned properly from exam hibernation. Being a double major student does take its toll from time to time which is why I cannot always devote as much time as I would like to this blog, additionally any time I do have to spare has to coincide with agreeable weather, an available friend to assist me since I don’t own the necessary photography equipment, and an outfit that I feel content with. Today was absolutely flawless, it ticked off all the boxes; with the spring heatwave that that has hit Istanbul recently, my boyfriend being a tad overly zealous about taking my blog photos and of course, my go to outfit! This denim dungarees dress and I have been inseparable from the day I purchased it, just over a week ago! I've been pairing it with numerous different styles, whether it be a simple tee or a plaid blouse, the dungarees has provided each outfit with an effortless 90’s vibe. It reminds me of my childhood when I’d wear little else but overalls whilst getting up to all kinds of mischief at my local park. My little sister wears them now and as much as I adore them on her I often find myself lamenting and wishing my mother had bought several to tide me through 'til now. That was until this dress came into my possession *gushes*, with a modest price tag I’m very impressed with the quality of this buy. The colour is a saturated primary blue with a roomy, slouchy fit to it, yet what captivated me the most was the length, being a Muslim and all, it can be exceedingly challenging at times to find clothing that I'm both drawn to and suitable in length. Thus when I was passing by LC Waikiki with my boyfriend, a shop I would never have considered myself buying from, my eyes fell upon this gem and luckily enough there were several in my size. I turned around to joyfully present my find to my boyfriend, to discover that he'd picked out this green and white striped jersey top to go with my dress, bless him. I decided to add a pop of colour with my reliable old mustard satchel and bordeaux red scarf to complete the outfit.

 Zeki getting a little ahead of himself with the outfit shots..

('Zeki wait until the kids have passed by, no, Zeki, don't you dare... hahah Zeki did you just..?')

Outfit details: Dungarees dress and stripy top, vintage mustard bag and scarves and Clarks brogues.