Sunday, 22 May 2016

Home Inspo

It feels only like yesterday when I had to announce my short hiatus from blogging, however with finals around the corner (when I say around the corner, I mean literally tomorrow) I have little choice but to resume exam hibernation mode. Not wanting to be entirely detached from my blog throughout the next couple of weeks, I thought I'd share my passion for interiors. I've dedicated this blog post to a couple of my recent Pinterest finds, that I found to reflect how I envision my dream home. If you're interested in seeing more where this came from, feel free to browse my Pinterest boards.. Vintagonista Pinterest 

ample bookshelves, comfortable chair near a window and wall of framed maps make a great reading corner in living room of 'A Farmhouse-Style Home in Brooklyn':

succulents also are a great way to liven up a sunny window sill.... that is if I had a window in my kitchen:

Buying Purging Bad Shopping Habits:

From the latest issue of Llamas' Valley - desire to inspire -

vintage gramophone:

Rustic, woodsy-inspired decor for your study space:

Love this picture from the UO insta Interiors, bedroom, bedding, record player:

Detalles únicos - AD España, © Belén Imaz:

Stylish Spaces: Take Courage:

Book shelf under the window: