Sunday, 21 August 2016

Photo Diary: Liverpool

Hi, friends! So last weekend Momma Soydemir and I decided to seize the opportunity that came along with having magnificent weather here up north, to make an outing of it! Liverpool docks, houses not only a picturesque view across the River Mersey, it also is the home to the Liverpool Maritime Museum, the International Slavery Museum and the Liverpool short it's a museum hotspot. Myself being a self-confessed museum junkie, spent the day enjoying an ice cream by the docks, admiring the dated buildings, which were all given a friendly touch with rainbow bunting, and wandering the museum to my heart’s content, soaking up any information as I did so. There’s a theme to my photographs, which I am positive you will notice; there were so many quaint corners and quirky street vendors that I couldn't resist running around taking pictures of them all. I will excuse myself though since it doesn't happen every day that on encounters a rather eccentric diner in the form of an American big yellow school bus, or exceptionally whimsical ice cream vans...or even ice cream boat! I only took photos of the peripheral area of the docks, rather than the museum itself because I become far too engrossed to remember to whip out my camera. Liverpool was a historically significant port and a component of the slave trade triangle, so it comes as no surprise that the International Slavery Museum happens to be the first museum to be established about slavery! Admittedly it is a very poignant exhibition since it runs you through the abominable treatment of the slaves and how slavery was justified around that period of time. However for those of you who are nautical enthusiasts and would rather stick to the maritime theme; there is a rather intriguing Titanic exhibition in the Maritime museum where you also have the option of dressing up as members of each class (I may or may not indulged in that activity). Anyhow, I do hope you enjoy the photos, no outfit photos I’m afraid since I was a one woman team that day.
Hope you all had a spiffing weekend!