Sunday, 6 November 2016

Gallivanting around Kadikoy!

Hello there, after having resided in Istanbul for over three years it was about time I ventured on an excursion around Kadikoy. Kadikoy is a rather small, eccentric town and is the home of all things Hipster. In Kadikoy you can find various hipster cafes with quirky concepts; particular favourites of mine are Academia, Mephisto and Cosmos! Sipping at a dainty glass of piping hot Turkish tea, savouring the soft acoustic vibes and playing an intense game of chess with your friends all whilst surrounded by books and quotes is indeed all very pretentious yet refreshingly different from the mainstream cafes in the city. Kadikoy is on the same wavelength of  Manchester's Northern Quarter in that you find yourself  walking along the graffiti covered streets with passers-by sporting different decades; grunge 90's, flower child 70's etc. Kadikoy maintains an antique-retro vibe with hoarders galore, charming local boutiques and shops selling eccentric furniture, popular merchandise, souvenirs and bohemian inspired clothing. A word of caution though for they are often outrageously overpriced but nonetheless pretty to behold. Kadikoy’s perimeters extend to the coast which seems to be the favourite haunt of couples taking romantic strolls and people who just want a peace of mind. Bearing in mind this is my first ever encounter of Kadikoy, I do hope to further explore this enchanting little town in the future...

I'm quite tired looking in today's outfit post because I genuinely was exhausted however didn't want to to let up on this opportunity for a blog post!

Outfit Details: Koton Skirt (old), Primark blouse and bag, my little sister's school cardigan and Clarks brogues