Sunday, 20 August 2017

Gingham Love

Hello there my lovelies, as promised, I've returned with my second and by far improved attempt at dressmaking. For as long as I can recall I've always lusted after a gingham skirt with the perfect fabric, the perfect fit and flare silhouette and the perfect length. I always knew that if i owned one, my wardrobe would revolve around it. Disclosure; I never did discover a skirt that suited my ridiculously unattainable standards.....however something better came along, I made it! 
Gingham is such a versatile print which instantly adds an air of femininity and sophistication to any combination. It can be dressed up or down and always delivers to the occasion, whether it's a simple band/slogan tee or a classy blouse. You can be minimalist Parisian chic one day and a cute, country girl-next-door with a wicker basket the next. I find that the colours that complement the pattern best are black (of course). deep greens, dusty pinks, mustard and lemon yellows and crisp white blouses. 

On this occasion I kept it rather demure by styling my dreamy gingham skirt with a billowy (tucked in with care) Zara blouse, embroidered with yellow and green floral detailing, exuding a very folksy, country vibe. I paired the outfit with my trusty embroidered backpack, as I've confessed in a previous blog post i've been so inspired and enamoured by the embroidery trend this year so tend to infuse into everything that I wear, t-bar shoes and hijab which I am sure you have memorised by now. 

Today I spent my time away solitarily wandering through the greens of Dunham Massey Park, the weather wasn't ideal, in fact it was overcast with the occasional shower. whilst taking pictures of the picturesque scenery and wildlife it envelopes, I was approached by a volunteer who kindly provided me with the trivia of the swans that reside in Dunham Massey, I spread a blanket on the vibrant green floor of the forest, unpacked my hamper and relished a cup of steaming brew with a good read in complete serenity. On my way home I decided to seek out a souvenir of my excursion; sometimes it's an acorn, a pine cone and on this occasion it was delicate fern leaf that I intend to press at home. 


  1. What a lovely outfit, and in such a pretty setting! Congratulations on your new gingham skirt, it looks great. Sewing is so cool because when you want a specific item of clothing, like you did, you can just create it, with your own design and ideas! The result is super pretty, are you going to sew more pieces of clothing? :D

    Julia x
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  2. Another amazing skirt, I'd seriously buy everything you made Sumeyye! Love how you've styled it too, super pretty <3