Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Art of Living Well: Gallivanting in Nature and Outfit Post

Hi there my dears, you may be curious from the title as to what on earth 'The Art of Living Well is',  in order to amplify I think it best to begin from the source of it's conception. You see, the start of my  series called 'The Art of Living Well' was extracted from a conversation I had with a friend of mine who told me in a very matter of factly tone 'Sumeyye, you like living well'. This resonated with me beyond what he could have ever envisioned.. so what is the art of living well? The definition of well in this context doesn't refer to lavishing oneself with luxury, on the contrary its the infinitesimal, simple things in life that we often overlook or don't always make the time to incorporate into our lives. T'is true, I do enjoy living well; I enjoy taking the time to wander aimlessly around the national trust parks, engrossed in a book or eating my boots meal deal on a blanket under the canopy of trees sheltering me from the rain, I enjoy breathing in the unadulterated air and listening to things other than human voices and the sound of cars, I enjoy pursuing hobbies such as drawing (scrawled doodling to some) and sewing, I enjoy the moment of discovering a hidden treasure in the depths of charity shop and adorning my box room with trophies of my thrifting quests, I enjoy flicking through books in bookshops saturated with the scent of coffee and I enjoy adding pesto to everything and anything (pesto ought to be renamed ambrosia) to the point I may adopt it as my middle name.... and yes they are are all as idyllic as they sound when one takes the time savour them. The series entails what I do best, naturally we're referring to my tendency to dish out unsolicited tips on enjoying, appreciating and savouring those aforementioned simple pleasures of life. 

Today's art of living well is a known one; taking time away from the concrete jungles in which the majority of our lives are spent. I am a through believer in recharging oneself in nature, in a time where we hustle between our occupations, school and then return home to collapse on to our beds, many of us seldom make time for nature unless the weather lures us out of our homes. Today I spent my time away solitarily wandering through the greens of Dunham Massey Park, the weather wasn't ideal, in fact it was overcast with the occasional shower. whilst taking pictures of the picturesque scenery and wildlife it envelopes, I was approached by a volunteer who kindly provided me with the trivia of the swans that reside in Dunham Massey, I spread a blanket on the vibrant green floor of the forest, unpacked my hamper and relished a cup of steaming brew with a good read in complete serenity. On my way home I decided to seek out a souvenir of my excursion; sometimes it's an acorn, a pine cone and on this occasion it was delicate fern leaf that I intend to press at home. 

As promised I've returned with my second and by far improved attempt at Dress making. For as long as I can remember i've lusted after a gingham skirt with the perfect fabric, the perfect fit and flare silhouette and the perfect length. Disclosure I never did discover a skirt that suited my ridiculously unattainable standards.....however something better came along, I made it!
I styled my dreamy gingham skirt with my billowy embroidered Zara blouse (which I carefully tucked in to my skirt to reduce the volume of it), my trusty backpack, shoes and hijab which I am sure you have memorised by now. 

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