Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Outfit Post: Plaid to Meet You!

It's that time of year again, the streets are emblazoned with thousands of twinkling fairy lights illuminating the way home through the dreary winter darkness, the shops are adorned with greens, reds and golds and the streets are saturated with the mouthwatering smells wafting from the Christmas markets. It's my first Christmas in the UK in what must be years and I'm beguiled by the atmosphere of Manchester at this time in the year!
My tartan pinafore for this post was inadvertently in time for the festive season, how very fitting! You know the drill at this point; for years I covet and envisage an item of clothing that doesn't exist, sighing wistfully when I see something remotely similar yet lacking in some shape or form from what I desire it to be. Now courtesy of my burgeoning sewing skills I'm able to make my sartorial dreams a reality! This time it's an utterly adorable (even if I say so myself), tartan/plaid, pleated, surplice neckline pinafore dress. On this occasion my source of inspiration was the vintage catholic school pinafores; since I didn't have a pattern at hand to guide me, I ventured into the unchartered territory of improvisation.  The freedom of this can be quite overwhelming yet brings a whole host of troubleshooting. The general idea was that I evenly pleated the skirt section of the dress and crafted my own straps which proved to be more cumbersome than I bargained for nevertheless I got there in the end! The dress truly does serves its purpose as a uniform as I don't seem to be wearing anything else lately! My beloved peter pan collar blouse complements it perfectly along with my t-bar school shoes... yes, primary school outfits seem to be a recurring theme in my recent blog posts!

Outfit Details: Dress: me made, Topshop wicher basket bag, Romwe peter pan collar blouse and Clarks shoes

Photographs courtesy of my dear friend Maram!
Many thanks to my amazing sewing teacher Kate!