Saturday, 11 March 2017

Outfit Post: Welcoming Spring!

Hello there beautiful people! 
 As this is my first post of March, I wanted to honour the occasion by infusing the spring vibes into my blog! I could not be more excited about spring as I am so over wearing coats! Not to mention being able to experience spring in Manchester which I haven't been able to do in quite some time! For the first time in four years I'm welcoming the vast blue skies, nature walks, waking up every morning to the view of our blossoming mighty plum tree and having the liberty of wearing spring colours without having to be bundled up in layers! My outfit is one that I have been living lately; it has been over six months since I purchased these dungarees and have worn them so often they've become a sort of uniform if you will, however I haven't had a chance to formally introduce them to you guys! For as long as I can recall I had been on the hunt for a pair of wide legged, cropped, cute as hell, dungarees and could not believe my eyes when they fell upon these at Bershka.. and with that my dreams had finally come true, yes I am very easy to please. 
My candy cane striped blouse is the result of months of waiting for it to enter the sales, patience really does pay off...when it comes to pretty, frilly blouses apparently! My coat is the prominent reinforcer of the candy floss vibe to my outfit and I whipped out the first ever novelty bag I owned, which is in the shape of a milk carton and my t-bar school girl shoes to complete the look! 

I also have a couple of updates up my sleeve: Since permanently moving back to Manchester, this resulted in a profound lack of people that I can plague about blog photography. Having always had the luxury of my friends and loved ones being willing victims of my photography sessions, the comfort of it made me lazy and I never researched into the self timer option of my camera. Now left to my own devices, I've sought the aid of the self timer option, which can be tricky and not always ideal as my camera isn't the best admittedly. However it does the job meaning I will be able to produce blog posts more frequently, something I have always wanted to be able to do!

Secondly, I've also started taking sewing classes, eeeeek! I physically cannot contain my excitement at the prospect of making my clothes, who's with me on this?! My first project is a plaid midi skirt, which I hope to be styling for an upcoming blog post! Would you guys be interested in seeing my sewing endeavours (successes hopefully)?

Outfit Details: Zara coat, Bershka denim dungarees, H&M blouse (currently on sale), Accessorize bag and Clarks shoes.

Featured: Cut Out and Keep Weekly Superstar

I was kindly offered to feature as a weekly superstar for Cut Out and Keep! A range of my Diy tutorials are present on my profile including: a miniature artist palette pin/brooch, my hanging vintage school map, an incredibly easy method to achieving the Scandinavian honeycomb shelf look, naturally a Harry Potter themed necklace, a braided turban tutorial and lastly, how to easily create a cute bow tie with any collared blouse!