Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Primary School Inspired Outfit

Dear readers, 
Not only was this a summer of relishing countless picnics but also resembling one too in this delightfully cheerful, blue, gingham midi dress! The dress is a portal transporting me straight back to my primary school days! For those of you who may be a little confused, let me clarify,  it's customary in the uk during the summer season for primary school girls to wear darling gingham summer dresses varying in colour depending on the school's affiliation. As a child I grew up attending a school where the girls wore red gingham dresses thus I was always wistfully beholding the dresses of the nearby school which were blue (the grass is always greener on the other side).. never would I have envisioned the grown up me actually wearing one! Naturally when I spotted this dress whilst sifting through Primark, I had a truly pinch-me moment when my eyes fell upon it. I stood there all the memories flooding back, reminiscing my longing for a blue dress and decided to honour my younger self's wishes by picking it up. Since acquiring it, the dress has evoked several oh-so-original jokes from those around me, generally along the lines of 'what primary school do you attend Sumeyye'? I love it all the same, it's my 9 yr old dream come true and I appreciate how the dress is an unusual take on the gingham trend this past season. An error of mine however is that I unfortunately neglected to feature the sleeves which are in actuality 3/4 length that widen to form flute sleeves at the end. 
The dress has the a very country-esque quality to it which of course is totally up my street so it should come as no surprise that I paired it with a wicker picnic hamper to add to the country girl persona I was channeling. I decided to further accessorise my outfit by incorporating my trusty denim jacket along with my apple shaped novelty bag to infuse a quirky edge and help passersby form a distinction between me and the school children!
What kind of a summer have you all had?

Outfit details: Primark Gingham dress and novelty bag, Zara denim jacket and Clarks t-bar shoes