Sunday, 27 May 2018

50 Facts about Me and Outfit Post!

Dear readers,

I recently featured an Instagram story poll to see whether people would be interested in seeing a 50 facts about me blog post and I received favourable responses .. so without further ado here goes:

1) My father is Turkish and my mother is Irish

2) I was born in Munich, Germany

3) I study Biomedical Science

4) My zodiac is Cancer, although the only traits I identify with are my tendency to be emotional and sensitive to any criticism thrown my way

5) I am a muslim

6) I'm a July baby, my birthday is Bastille day

7) I'm 5ft 1 and a half- the half really matters folks

8) I'm engaged to Zeki, whom I met through mutual friends 5 years ago whilst living in Turkey and we've been inseparable ever since.

9) He was the force behind this blog, I don't think I would have ever mustered up the courage to start a blog if it weren't for him

10) I'm bilingual; I speak German and Turkish fluently, though I cannot write well in either. Growing up I would forever lament about being different from all the other kids because I was exposed to German and Turkish TV and rarely had anything to contribute to playground conversations about British TV.  Several years down the line I'm so glad my parents didn't bow down to my tantrums

11) My life ambition is to learn Russian, I'm was captivated by modern Russian history at school and have been determined ever since

12) I have an insatiable sweet tooth and cannot physically resist chocolate (especially Cadburys whole nut and Yogurette)

13) If I could reside in one place for the rest of my life, it'd have to be Munich

14) I'm fascinated by East German history of the then German Democratic Republic and it would be a dream come true to visit the remnants of East Berlin

15) My favourite series is hands down Harry Potter

16) I'm a Ravenclaw

17) When I was younger, dad and I would embark on voyages to Turkey together. We'd travel throughout Europe and I must say I was a very well travelled ten year old.

17) I lived in Turkey for three years

18) The first film I ever watched in the cinema was Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone, I was five and it had been my turn to bring the year 1 teddy bear mascot home with me for the weekend and fill in the teddy bear's diary. The plan was for my mum to accompany me to the cinema however that plan fell through. I was utterly devastated as I had nothing noteworthy to write in the teddy's diary so my Turkish grandma despite her very little English at the time saved the day and took me in the end.

19) My favourite classics read is Little Women

20) I'm petrified of creepy crawlies regardless of what they are and how small they are. My personal living nightmare was when the bug man would make his annual visit to our school and make us pet his insects. I conveniently was always desperate for the toilet when it was almost my turn.

21) I have a phobia of bare feet touching

22) Under no condition will I ever watch horror movies...never have, never will. It's the ideal form of torture if you ask me

23) My music taste is fairly eclectic, it ranges from Arctic Monkeys to Selena Gomez

24) I can't whistle

25) I can't blow bubbles with chewing gum

26) I'm a skirts and dresses kinda girl

27) My guilt pleasure is to read a thesaurus. There I said it

28) I can be found in my pjs eating my weights worth in chocolate whilst reading Harry Potter

29) My all time favourite shows include Handmaids Tale, Friends and The Office

30) I can proficiently sew my own skirts and I'm still in process of learning to make dresses

31) My hamartia is that I brood over things. A lot

32) I am the emotional powerhouse of any friendship group...I literally generate enough emotion for everyone

33) I'm a very pick eater, I have a repertoire of foods that work for me and I don't stray from them

34) I personally take offence when people don't enjoy reading

35) I'm instinctually drawn to anything with a peter pan collar or has a check pattern

36) My ultimate style inspiration is my maternal grandmother, she was forever put-together and chic

37) I am easily distracted, I must have the concentration span of a five year old

38)  I couldn't be a minimalist even if my life depended on it

39) I was first introduced to the concept of vintage inspired clothing through the Modcloth style gallery when I was 16

40) I could eat pizza all day everyday

41) My diet is horrendous, I just don't care for fruit and vegetables

42) I'm truly terrible at sport. So much so that much to the relief of everyone, I used to always offer to be the defender for the losing netball team and observe the entirety of the game take place at the other end of the court.

43) Saying that though I'm fairly fast runner and would only be incorporated into teams for my speed ... lacking any kind of hand-eye coordination and game strategy, I was pretty much the Forest Gump of any team.

44) When I was younger my favourite night time read were the DK encyclopaedias; I used to own the general one, history,  plants and space.

45) No one can pinpoint my accent and the most farfetched suggestions have been Scottish, Irish or American

46) I am Sumeyye and I'm am thrift shopaholic, I live for the thrill of not knowing what I might stumble across on one of my thrift adventures.

47) Even though I consider myself a creature of habit, I'm surprisingly very adaptable and don't suffer severe culture shock or homesickness.

48) I value personal space and often like to embrace solitude so will often venture out on walks, go shopping, visit museums or go to the movies by myself. I have no shame in admitting I am my own best friend

49) I desperately need to go on a phone detox one of these days

50) I spent the last 20 minutes trying to think of another fact

Tell me something interesting about yourself!

Miss Patina Space Walking Jumpsuit/Playsuit
Thrifted Navy turtleneck
Clarks t-bar shoes
Ebay Chiffon hijab


  1. OMG Sumeyye, I always feel like we're the same person! I can so relate to a lot of points you mentioned, 25-27 in particular. I also do take it personally when people say they don't enjoy reading haha. I think it's so awesome that you're bilingual, very impressive! Random fact about me: I'm super scared of birds, pigeons to be exact. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. That explains why we hit it off upon meeting! I know, I don't consider myself to be a judgy person but when it boils down to books I can't seem to restrain myself. Oh my goodness we may be the same person after all, I'm petrified of birds too especially if they come with a 2 metre radius of me!

  2. Okay, first fact about me: when people make lists like this I will HAVE to go through them point-by-point, so here we go...

    7) Oh wow, you're shorter than I imagined (in the best way, of course)! I thought you would be taller than me lol

    10) Sumi (let me know if you feel uncomfortable with me being overly familiar with you by using this name), if you also speak German and Turkish, doesn't that make you trilingual then? I mean, you do speak English, right? :')

    14) I used to live in East Germany for a while, and it was so different from West Germany in a lot of aspects—there are less people, for a start. A bit dangerous sometimes, but holds a lot of gems.

    18) Wait, hold up! If you were 5 when that film first came out, that're...4 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME?!??

    19) I already know we have a lot in common, but this seriously struck gold! Jo is my spirit...woman (?)

    22, 24, 26, 34 ditto!

    31) Maybe this is also a Cancer trait as my friend who's a Cancerian is the same (sometimes my boyfriend too!)

    47) me too! Weirdly enough, I feel somewhat 'homesick' only after I returned to my hometown. Crazy, huh? I guess it depends on how you define 'home,' as I think the meaning has changed for me to become 'the place where my boyfriend Firu is' (or something cheesy along that line).

    48) Literally me, all the time. Is it sad to say that some of my best memories are experienced alone? lol

    This was really interesting, Sumi! Would really love to talk more about these...if you're interested lol

    Alive as Always

    1. Oh wow, I wish I was as meticulous...I'm more of a skimmer you see! By all means you can call me Sumi, I prefer it actually! Ahaha I assure, I'm shorter than most... from afar I give the illusion that I'm taller until people are up close! Oh my goodness, that's incredible (I've only lived in the West) an I will be having a long discussion about East Germany in the foreseeable future! I thought you and I were of a similar age, i am equally shooketh! That's so sweet, I wish with all my heart for the pair of you to be reunited in one city, 3 years is too long! Thank you Bivi for taking the time read my fact file, I'd love to read one about you as I am am equally nosy!

  3. I'm glad you did this post, I love knowing facts about people haha. I really need to read Little Women! Also, your cultural background is so rich, with those three countries and languages you've experienced! I'm glad to know all these new things about you :) (that sounds a lot creepier than it should haha)
    A fun fact about me? Along the same lines, I am French and was born in France, but my whole family is Portuguese - my grandparents emigrated to France in the 1960s!

    Julia x
    Last Post: Four Steps to a Healthy Life |

    1. Thank you darling, not at all I'm quite nosybody too! You really ought to read it and I highly recommend the BBC adaptation of Little Women, it's truly spectacular! Ooh yes I vaguely remember reading about your Portuguese heritage, do you speak the language?