Friday, 6 November 2015

Gushing over Miss Patina

Button down skirts, the perfect length, suspenders, a tad of a nautical theme, plaid...heavens! What isn't there to adore. I'm an absolute sucker for preppy style outfit combinations, hence why I was immediately drawn to Miss Patina's 'The Old School Preppy Collection'. Not to mention that it'd bring tears of joy to my professor's eyes if he saw I was somewhat involved in my maths course...even if it's just on the bomber jacket. misspatina

15AW-SKT-10 (black) (10)

15AW-SKT-07 (camel) (5)

15AW-SKT-07 (camel) (2)


15AW-SKT-05 (stripe) (5)

15AW-KNT-01 (white) (4)

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