Sunday, 31 January 2016

Mitosis Pants!

I have been hoping and hoping to take the opportunity of being somewhere besides the concrete jungle I reside in Istanbul for some quality outfit photo- taking time featuring a background besides my plain, uncharacteristic wall which you've all become accustomed to, however Manchester's weather betrayed me, so it became one of those reality versus goals cases; once again I'm stuck capturing my outfit indoors whilst it's raining cats and dogs out there.

Today's outfit features a pair of gingham culottes that I'd set my eyes and my heart on back in September but it's lack of availability in turkey and its price tag that is beyond my budget I relinquished all hopes on ever getting my hands on it. When I arrived in England I decided to attempt to catch the last of the sales with Momma Soydemir and was pleasantly surprised to find a whole entire rack of them remaining and due to it's unfavourable reception it had been reduced to a bare £6! 
I do however understand the lack of interest in these culottes since I found it difficult to pair them with anything due to their very peculiar shape and length. Nevertheless I accepted the challenge and went for the classic, demure look by pairing it with simple black knitted turtle neck, my mum's hand-me-down heels and a small cross body bag which was reduced to a mere £2.50 due to it's inconvenient yet not unsightly faulty clasp from Accessorize. 
My next dilemma was basing my final outfit on an inspiration which would hence make the title to this blog post.... but I had so many ideas racing through my mind, the outfit kind of reminds me of a loose beatnik inspiration, it could so also be interpreted as either an androgynous look, a character from a pantomime or simply a very Audrey Hepburn-esque outfit. But I can imagine that these inspirations have been used on countless outfits for countless blogposts so I decided to settle for an inspiration that was very me *chuckles at how very sad she is*.....
When I initially saw these culottes its front flap gave the illusion it was a simple gingham skirt, little did I know that when i assumed a samurai position they divided into two separate legs.... the geneticist inside me blurted out when I saw this was 'mum I found a pair of mitosis pants' ...oh yes..... I didn't say skorts.... I called them mitosis pants, my mum just shook her head in pity. For those of you who may be a little confused by the reference, mitosis is somatic cell division.

Outfit details: Zara culottes, thrifted coat and jumper and Accessorize bag

Also as always I'm open to ideas and suggestions as to how I could style these culottes differently, so feel free to let me know!

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