Saturday, 20 February 2016

Four seasons of denim culottes.. (Remix)

I'm quite surprised at myself, considering how much I adore remixes and marvel at the various ways to wear an item of clothing I seem to have neglected my blog of a remix for quite some time. Whilst pondering as to which item I ought to utilize for my remix, I could think of nothing better than my newly acquired pair of Zara denim culottes. Recently I've really started to appreciate culottes, they're incredibly versatile and can be worn in such away that they accommodate a scope of styles and different seasons. So I thought what could be better than to demonstrate my point by assembling an outfit ideal for each season...


For the spring theme, I opted for an array of pastels and washed out colours, the denim culottes can be easily integrated into the spring palette, since the colour of the denim is a faded blue which blends in with the whole quintessential spring theme, here I paired the culottes with a pair of Primark shoes, Accessorize milk carton bag, a Romwe peter pan collared blouse and a vintage headscarf!


Summer connotes beaches, sunny weather, loose and comfortable clothing to help survive the sweltering heat, unless of course you live in Manchester in which case there is little alteration needed. When I initially bought the culottes I envisioned them with this exact stripy t-shirt and shoes, promenading down the beach with an ice-cream in my hand,so of course the outfit is typically nautical, perfect for the surrounding that I imagined, yet the outfit also possess a practical and comforting quality, the jersey top from Mango is both light and flexible which makes the heat much more bearable, personally I can't think of anything worse than having to venture out on an excursion, overheating in stiff or artificial material.. summer is about keeping things simple and organic yet chic. The items in this outfit involve my Primark canvas bag, Zara culottes, Mango strip t-shirt, vintage scarf and my shoes from a local market.


I'm stating the obvious but by this time the weather is beginning to cool down, yet it isn't quite coat-wearing season, it's that transition which can be a little perplexing since  the weather is at an in-between stage, this ambiguity however, can definitely be advantageous. Autumn is probably my favourite season as that's when all the shop windows are flooded with warm and saturated colours. You can dress in warm attire without having to conceal it with a thick coat, buttoned all the way up to your neck. Here I've styled my culottes with a light weight blazer-cardigan which gives off the impression as though I've given my outfit more thought and effort than I actually have, paired with a neutral white/cream blouse, Zara denim culottes, Accessorize bag, vintage scarf and ancient brogues.


Despite winter not exactly being my season of preference, the outfit I chose is! I for one cannot stand the cold, therefore the perfect solution for a low threshold to the cold and miserable weather is of course.. layering! As I've mentioned dozens of times before, I love incorporating diverse colours and fabrics on top of one another  and this is no exception. Here I've decided to contrast my light blue denim culottes with darker tones which compensate for their light colour. Firstly I opted for my thick black turtle neck as a foundation layer on which built  my outfit,  I then shrugged on my reliable old H&M coat, Koton bag, suede black ankle boots and a vintage neck tie to provide a little more colour to my bland outfit.


  1. I love all of these. As I was scrolling down I kept going "This is the best one... No this is the best one"
    They're all amazing. Very well put together and chic.
    Who knew culottes could be so versatile?
    Much love,

    1. Aww Mona, thank you very much, *blushes* you're so so sweet! .. Couldn't be happier now that it's Mona approved. I know right, culottes are a golden wardrobe stable if you ask me!

  2. What beautiful outfits! Love each one!

    1. Thank you very much Megan dear, you're too kind!