Sunday, 6 March 2016

Spring is in the air!

There's a lesson to be learnt from today's blog post; as simple as it sounds.. the best things that can happen to one, don't always occur immediately, rather they're gradual, they require patience and consistence. For a while now I felt as though I was stuck in a rut with my blog, I often stared blankly at the contents of my wardrobe, with complete apathy. I blamed it on the lack of clothing for a while, I was forcing myself to come up with outfit combinations, compulsively scrolling down my Pinterest feed, looking for inspiration, and the more I saw, the more I realized I didn't have, resulting in a growing insatiability and discontent for my clothing and ultimately a gulf between myself and my blog. Today's blog post was actually a salvation in some respects; the change of setting, not feeling the pressure of wearing something that had the wow factor and most of all, not venturing out with a blog schedule in mind, really helped restore my love for this hobby. It was almost as though today was meant to happen; very atypically of me I happened to have my camera with me, a decent outfit, happened to be strolling past this very patch of green with the first blossoms of spring out, feeling the warmth of the sun on my back.. it just felt right! It dawned on me that lately I've been demanding instant gratification with many things; an infinite supply of adorable outfits, the content of my blog to abruptly become more professional and appealing, to be graced with photography skills, even at Uni I was becoming increasing frustrated by the fact that my first cell cultures weren't going as planned. Looking back (even though this phase was only a couple of days a go), as most of you are probably thinking, I just realize how very trivial and frivolous those thought processes were. Sometimes one can lose track and forget that one doesn't have to attain self-actualization in a matter of days. 

On a less tedious and serious note, today's photo's were kindly taken my dear flatmate, Turkan, who as per usual was obliged to take a million pictures and endure my constant nitpicking scrutiny. The photo's feature a patch of green we discovered, awkwardly situated between two junctions, with passers by chuckling at our amateur attempts of a photography session. The weather was simply splendid, spring is definitely in the air, which if you ask me is long overdue since I'm so over winter! As much as I love the deep saturated autumn/winter colours, the prospect of my transforming my wardrobe into a vortex of colours beyond excites me, alas there is not one universe in which I am a minimalist! Wrapping this up,  happy spring everyone!

 My flatmate Turkan looking fab!

What I'm wearing: H&M blazer (old), thrifted pink and white contrast blouse, Koton turquoise skirt (old), Clarks brogues (ancient), Accessorize milk carton bag (sold out) and Pashmina hijab. 


  1. Beautiful! I love everything about this outfit!

    1. Thank you darling, as usual I'm glad to hear it!