Thursday, 25 January 2018

Handmade Novelty Tote Bags!

Hi there folks! So I've returned from the woodworks to announce that I've set up an Etsy shop selling handmade novelty tote bags, makeup bags and pencil cases! Should my venture be successful I hope to branch out to custom dressmaking orders!

My first listing is this beautifully crafted, applique, classic literature novel librarian tote bag! I'd also like to state that 10% of all proceeds will go to Amnesty!

My second bag for sale is this quirky vintage camera print  and gingham reversible tote bag!

Thirdly, this math calculation print tote bag for all the mathletes out there!


  1. Your tote bags are super pretty! I've been seing all the fabrics you're using for your crafts on your Insta stories and we've got very similar tastes, I love everything haha! I hope to see more of what you come up with soon :)

    Julia x

    1. Thank you very much Julia! Glad to hear we're kindred spirits when it comes to taste in prints! I hope so too, i have few ideas up my sleeve waiting to materialise!