Friday, 2 February 2018

Outfit Post: Where I Acquire My Clothes featuring My Classic Novel Tote Bag!

Hello there my dear readers,

I come to you today with some of my a curated list of where I acquire my clothes. I think it's safe to say that I have a passion for shopping (euphemism for problem more like) and will happily ramble on fervently about style and decades to anyone who will listen. Therefore it should come as no surprise that I'm fairly eclectic about the sources of my most worn and cherished items.
The shops that I find myself again and again gravitating towards and which cater for my style and budget are:

Zara: Where to begin, I discovered Zara when I was 18, I happened to be passing by and curiosity got the better of me as I'd heard of it often but associated the store to beyond my student budget. It was towards the end of the January sales and I emerged from the shop, proudly clutching a bag containing 3 midi skirts costing me a total of £20. Thus began my love affair with Zara and its sales which perpetuates until this very day.

Mango: Admittedly I'm not drawn to multiple items at a time in Mango however each season there will always be the one item that captures my attention entirely! 

H&M: I rely heavily on H&M for my affordable basics, more specifically for my opaque chiffon shirts which have proven to be so versatile that I've amassed one in every colour they supply!

Charity Shops: They're a hit and miss, but I love the uncertainty and element of surprise to rummaging through the masses of frogs and squealing with delight when I encounter a beautifully made vintage skirt or cosy jumper!

Depop: I discovered Depop properly last September and it has been an absolute game changer! It's an app for buying and selling clothes that have been previously owned. Via Depop I can access items that have seasonally discontinued or even current items that are beyond my budget range for a much much discounted affordable price. For instance I have recently acquired the adorable Miss Patina Space Walker Jumpsuit in pristine condition for £17 from a seller who had second thoughts, similarly I was miraculously able to snag the Miss Patina Cat Collar Shirt that I've coveted for the longest time for £14 (yes I'm very pleased with myself)! Feel free to follow my Depop @vintagonista!

Dressmaking: Over the past year I have become increasingly more self reliant when it comes to my clothing and accessories. Unless it works out to be more costly than the retailing version of an item, I will proceed to fashioning my own! There's something so satisfying about being able to wear something that you have created and are the sole owner of. I have also recently started catering to a larger audience with my dressmaking which brings us on to my final source of obtaining clothes...

Etsy: Etsy is the home to all things quirky and made with love! I've currently begun selling reversible tote bags in an array of themes; if you're a literature/classics aficionado, a mathlete, a photography enthusiast or just an appreciator of quirky tote bags, then I highly recommend you give my Etsy shop a browse! Depending on demand more bags will follow with themes such as music, cacti and rabbits! As a means of giving back, 10% of proceeds go to Amnesty in the hopes to make with world a more humane and just place! Feel free to follow my shop and remain updated on new arrivals!

My classic novel bag is featured in today's outfit post for you guys to behold in all it's glory!


Outfit details: Handmade Etsy bag, Zara coat, plaid wool skirt made by me, Zara embroidered peter pan collar bluse and Clarks brogues!


  1. I love this outfit! And you look beautiful as always <3 I love how you paired the floral blouse with a checked skirt, I never would have thought of that and it looks so amazing and creative!

    Lots of love,

  2. I love Mango, they have amazing professional-looking clothes. Zara is great too but I find it hard to go through as they have so much in their shops in general. I just found a beautiful midi skirt in H&M that I thought you might like the look of as it reminded you of your style :D

    Julia x
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